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Frequently Asked Questions about our Fort Worth Wedding & Reception location:

I am interested in viewing Anglin Occasions location, how do I arrange a tour?
Anglin Occasions hosts all tours by appointment only.  You may call (817) 516-4000 to schedule an appointment or send an email with your desired appointment date and time to anglinoccasions@gmail.com.

How do I reserve my event date and time with Anglin Occasions?
To secure your date a non-refundable reservation fee of 25% of your estimated event total is required along with a signed contract.  All available event dates are booked on a first come, first serve basis.  

My family would like to provide food for my event, can I select them?
Anglin Occasions works with several "preferred" catering firms which can provide "any" menu.  Caterers not on the "preferred" list must provide all food service and wait staff, a current catering license and liability insurance with Anglin Occasions named as an additional insured for the event date and time.  Additionally, depending upon where the catering kitchen is located, Anglin Occasions must have a current copy any environmental or health certificates or permits required for compliance by the city, county or state for the preparation kitchen.

We want to offer bar services at our event.  Can we BYOB?
Anglin Occasions is not a BYOB location.  All alcohol must be purchased through 1 of 3 licensed and insured vendors and served by their staff.  Each bar service provides a proposal directly to you.

Does Anglin Occasions allow overnight guests?
No, Anglin Occasions is not a bed and breakfast.  Anglin Occasions is 10-15 minutes from downtown Fort Worth which has many accommodations options for overnight guests.

Help!!!  Do you provide wedding planning or do I need to hire a planner?
Many couples which use Anglin Occasions location do not find that a planner is needed since our events are comprehensive and complete.  However, wedding planning is a personal choice and can help you know what to resign from on event day so outside wedding planners are welcome.  

All wedding planning consultations are available by appointment only.  
For Anglin Occasions Brides:
An initial, 90 day, and final consultation appointment are included in our event pricing when the event is at Anglin Occasions location.  All event plans are in detailed in writing and include the rehearsal.

For locations other than Anglin Occasions:
We can provide a proposal for all or selected services dependant upon availability and coordination needed.